Price list

After treatment, payment in cash.
Without notice we can change the prices.
Dental SurgeryDental SurgeryPricelist
Dental Surgery EUR
Single tooth extraction 30.-
Surgical removal of tooth/root 100.-
Periapical curettage and resection of the apex 100.-
Dental Implant 300.-
Implant abutment 130.-
Sinuslift with arteficial bone graft 430.-
Medical visit and consultancy 10. – EUR. Contact us by phone or e-mail and please sign in.
Periodontology EUR
Scaling and polishing 50.-
Tooth whitening 130.-
Gingivectomy (full arch) 100.-
Paradontal curettage/tooth 100.-

Prosthetics EUR
Temporary crowns/piece 40.-
Complete denture (per jaw) 300.-
Metal-Ceramic crown (plus goldprice) 150.-
Cercon jacket crowns 200.-
Finesse jacket crowns 200.-
Gold/ceramic inlays (plus goldprice) 200.-
Metal frame for prosthesis 400.-
Special attachments 200.-
Implant bar supported prosthesis 1.000.-
Restorative Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Pricelist
Restorative Dentistry EUR
Root canal treatment/per canals 50.-
Build up with post 50.-
Aesthetic filling 60.-
Temporary filling 10.-
Pulp capping 20.-

X-ray DiagnosticsX-ray DiagnosticsPricelist
X-ray Diagnostics EUR
Panoramic x-ray 30.-
Intraoral x-ray 20.-